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Butchertown Grocery

On the outside, Butchertown Grocery seems like a decidedly simple, 19th-century brick building. But on the inside, you’ll discover a sleek restaurant with cozy banquettes, marble tables, mosaic tile on the floor and weathered exposed wood on the ceiling.

And upstairs you’ll find Lola, an intimate, hush-hush lounge lit by candles and draped in crimson. Each space offers an experience that’s a little raw, a little refined, and with plenty of heart. Kind of like the Butchertown neighborhood itself.

Making honest, simple food is what gets us out of bed every morning. We use the best ingredients because we care about where our food comes from. Every dish is inspired by the heritage of hard work and craftsmanship on which our community was built.


In the early-to-mid 1900s, our building was home to a family-owned grocery called Gunkel’s. More than just a corner market, Gunkel’s was a gathering place where locals came to buy produce and meats, and chew the fat with the owner, Hattie Gunkel.

We tip our hat to the Gunkels – and to the tradition of bringing people together through great food.

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